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The Conch Story

One day Lord Vishnu got annoyed very badly when his conch (Valampuri shankh) got missing. After some time he heard the sound of his conch form the side of Mount Kailash i.e. Lord Shiva's home. On finding his conch with Lord Ganesha, he requested Lord Shiva to get his conch back from him. Lord Shiva as a solution asked Lord Vishnu to perform a ceremonial activity (Pooja) that can please Lord Ganesha. Lord Vishnu on adhering to the suggestion of Lord Shiva offered prayers to Ganesha. Lord Ganesha being pleased with Lord Vishnu returned his conch. After this incident, Lord Ganesha was given the name of Valampuri Ganesh which means Ganesha with the trunk facing the right direction.

Vinayagar Agaval by Shri T L Maharajan(video song)

Vinayakar Perumai by Shri Sukhi Sivam(video talk)

The Bhagawatha Writing Story

Lord Ganesha is known to have taken down longest epic The Mahabharata as dictated by Sage Ved Vyasa (revered as Lord Vishnu himself). Sage Vyasa had a mental notion of Mahabharata theme in his mind. He wanted to bring out the entire epic so as to benefit the entire society. He needed a writer who was capable enough to handle this assignment. Lord Brahma on seeing, Sage Vyasa being so tensed, appeared in his ashram. Vyasa after paying his respectful regards posed his problem before Lord Brahma. He said that, I have a thought of great poem describing the importance of Vedas and Upanishads that would surely be adorned by the entire world. Brahma Ji after admiring the theme and effort of Vyasa referred Ganesha to be the perfect choice for this task. Lord Ganesha agreed to be scribe but posed one condition that Sage Vyasa would have to dictate the entire epic non-stop. Vyasa agreed to his terms but he also laid down one clause before Ganesha. He asked that he would pen down his transcription only after comprehending the lines. Ganesha adhered to the policy and started writing the epic. During the course of penning, Ganesha paused for some moments to understand the complex line dictated by Sage Vyasa. This way sage's condition gave him some time to compose his stanzas.

The Mango Fruit


One day all the Gods decided to pay visit to Kailash Mountain (Lord Shiva's abode) to pay their respect to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. They took with them specially prepared sweet named Modaks be presented to Goddess Parvati. Both Ganesha and Kartikeya who were playing started demanding the sweet. Mother Parvati wanted both of them to understand the importance and magnificence of Modaks. She told them that this special sweet is prepared by using exceptional ingredients. One who eats it will attain immortality and become greater in all senses i.e. knowledge, art and literature. Kids on being unready to share the sweet, both the parents decided to present Modaks (fruit of immortality and extreme knowledge) to the one who proves his worth and comes around the world thrice. Kartikeya to provide evidence of his sense of morality, instantaneously took off his peacock, worshipped all gods and goddesses and returned to Kailash within the stipulated time slot to win the desired fruit. Ganesha got worried about his stout appearance and his vehicle (mouse). He using his brilliant intelligence asked his parents to allow him to circle around them thrice because for him they were his sole universe. Ganesha thereby showcasing his utmost level of devotion and humbleness pleased his parents and won the contest to have Modaks. This story firstly proves how by using wisdom at right time and respecting your parents can make you gain rewarding results. This is when Ganesha came to acquire tray of sweets (Modaks) in his hands. Delighted by his intelligence Ganesha was appointed as leader of the Ganas.