V A Z H I P A D U - L I S T (subject to change)

S/No. Puja Amount
1 Archana 10.00
2 Ashtotharam 10.00
3 Pushpanjali 10.00
4 Trishathi 25.00
5 Pal Abhisheka archana 50.00
6 Karuka Homam 50.00
7 ChandanaKaappu 60.00
8 Sharkkara Payasam 120.00
9 Ganapathi Homam 150.00
10 Palpayasam 120.00
11 Usha puja 100.00
12 Neipayasam 150.00
13 Appam 100.00
14 Full ChandanaKaappu 100.00
15 Rudrabhishekam 650.00
16 VennaKaappu 100.00
17 niramala 750.00
18 Spl.Ganapathi Homam 500.00
19 Vaara Japam 7,000.00
20 Rudra Japam 1,000.00
21 Payasam 1,000.00
22 Chuttuvilakku 11,000.00
23 Niramala 750.00
24 Nadaswaram 8,000.00
25 Chariot Alankaram with flowers 4,000.00

Why do we do "Thoppu Karanam"

One can observe that while crossing a Ganesha / Pillayar temple on the road, most of us, stop, take off the footwear and perform "Thoppukaranam" and then resume their journey. Many people do Thoppu Karanam as part of their prayer in their homes. The word Thoppu Karanam is derived from the sanskrit words "Dhorbi" meaning with two hands and "Karanam" means Ears. The legend behind "Thoppu Karanam" is that Lord Vishnu per-formed this "Thoppu Karanam" in front of Lord Ganapathi to re-cover his "Sudarshan Chakra" which was snatched by Ganapathi. Thus, Thoppu Karanam is performed as a prayer before Lord Ganesha by holding the hands crosswise across the chest with the fingers holding the earlobes and bending down and then getting up. Interestingly, the "Thoppu Karanam" has now attained international status thanks to fellow Americans who now call this as "Super Brain Yoga". They have found through medical research that doing these special kind of sit ups while holding the opposite earlobes stimulates the brain power and in-creases the memory power. I hope they will not charge us while we perform Thoppu Karanam.

Temple Address
Shree Maha Shakti Vinayaka Temple
Thekkegramam Brahmana Samooham
South Village,
Tattamangalam PO
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